The Fight For the Babearian

Kiefer the knifer looked at the oncoming boat and told the small man by his side to "hold them off, we shall be up ahead and once we have our pay for the small slave to be, we can wash our hands of these fools and live out our lives in peace in Ponos. " the small man with the goat like beard grinned : “of course. Easy street from here on.” And Kiefer and his other companion, who was holding Dave, ran ahead down a tunnel that was well lit. As the boat reached the shore, The group was greeted by the small man: " Greetings, as you can see, we are at an impass, I cant let you by, and surely you cant let me keep you… so i propose a battle of the mind, though simpler than magic in order to resolve our trouble in a safer and more peacable manner…" before him he had five goblets, creating a line in the dirt dividing him from the travellers. “we can all walk away no matter which glass we take, however two of them will delay our departure for a while. all I ask is that you choose a glass for each of us.” Floki started zoning out looking at the cups trying to analyze what possible layout for the cups could be best. Heracoal asked: “Do I have your word that these will not kill us?”
Hall Replied: “On my honor, may the demon princes eternally play with my tight tiny body if i lie, these will not kill us.”
Heracoal took a step forward to the cups and held his hand out to shake on it to seal the deal. Hall also stepped forward and grasped his hand over the cups. " OK, please make your—-" he cut off as Heracoal pulled him forward and clasped the Wee Folk’s throat in his other hand “Where are they taking him!?” Heracoal demanded. “-—— -- - -” Heracoal loosened his grip a bit. " cough On through the tunnels to sell him outside." Floki asked “which cups are poisoned?” the Wee Folk rolled his eyes; “I believe in fair play, I don’t know any more so than you do.” Floki asked " do you have any more poison?" as he dumped the first two cups out." the reply came through a coughing fit, " that was the last I had before needing to go resupply." Keeping on the matter at hand, Heracoal asked " And why did they take him?" the response came swiftly and full of the hope only found in an infomercial: “Its simple, he was a healthy well cared for child, the slave fighting rings pay a pretty penny for any fighters, and healthy children can be raised into some of the best. the pay from one good child can save a family from poverty or let a man retire in peace in a better kingdom in Ponos.” there was an almost childlike gleam in Hall’s Eyes as he shared this dream that he was longing for. It was replaced by a rather buglike bulging as Heracoal’s grip tightened and his breathing began to cease. Soon his lifeless corpse became heavier as it gained the weight that only the dead can truly carry before Heracoal dropped his corpse and headed down the hallway ahead. Floki dropped the torch on the corpse creating a small bonfire and followed Heracoal to retrieve their child.

After having defeated Hall, the group ran down the tunnel they had seen Kiefer flee to and saw him finishing strapping Dave to a horse and hopping on to ride ahead. Kiefer looked at his remaining companion: “Clearly that fool couldn’t handle this lot, be sure you don’t meet the same fate and we shall live out our lives as rich as kings!” The man at his side shrugged; “I don’t need that much, but if they bested Hall, they should be fun to mess with at the least.” With that he drew his scythe and prepared for the fight with a grin as Kiefer rode off with Dave. Before either Heracoal or Floki could react the Grinning man introduced himself " My name is Simon, and ill be your executioner today." then he lunged forward and was suddenly staring Floki in the face even though he had started 60 feet away. He then was shocked by Heracoal’s club catching him in the back before he tripped both Floki and Heracoal and was again 60 feet away. Floki sat up and shot his crossbow at Simon, who dodged out of the way with ease. seeing this Floki looked at Heracoal and yelled " Throw me!" as he tossed his crossbow aside and pulled out his dagger. Simon started to run towards Floki with his scythe raised and took a swing at the bird man. He caught him with a light cut as Floki cut him back with his dagger, after dancing around each other for a bit longer Simon tried to cut Heracoal and run, however Heracoal caught him with a swing of his club that he had put all of his strength behind and that coupled with Simon’s immense speed left a splatter on the far wall with such force that a bit of his blood came back and caught Heracoal across the face. Alas thus ends poor Simon and the pair continue forward to retrieve Dave. After finally beating Simon the group went to track down Kiefer, still determined to prevent his escape. It didn’t take them long to catch up as the bandit was surrounded by a Viking war party. Upon closer inspection they saw that the Vikings were of the Castain Tribe, great warriors who dealt in slavery among other things and with minimal effort they realized that they were witnessing the sale of Dave… Among the faces they saw, included were John Dee, Wilbur Garroteson, and Axel. as they walked forward they also noticed that things didn’t appear to be going in Keifer’s favor as he and Dave were both being loaded in with the cargo of other slaves. As Heracoal and Floki approach Heracoal demands “Release Dave!” And Floki says “The Great Heracoal has come for his child!” “and frankly, we’ve been through a lot so just give up the kid.” Johnny Dee looked at them both, “If Heracoal will fight in our challenges then he and the child shall be allowed to live in glory in our village with Heracoal as a star in our fights and the child can be raised to be his protoge!” “I already agreed to this, why did you take Dave?” Heracoal said with great annoyance. Johnny Dee looked confused for a moment then a dawning of realization hit him, “we didn’t take the child, we merely had put out a request for recruits and all sorts of people reply to those, as such, clearly this imbecile (as he motioned to Kiefer and his guards threw Kiefer at Heracoals feet) thought to benefit from our offer and chose an ill means of getting it. As such by our laws and needless to say for the benefit of our moral you may have your first fight here against this man before we head back to the island, should you win, his life is yours to do with as you please.” Meanwhile Floki started rambling about how Heracoal would kill this guy and their lives can finally be happy again when they have Dave. “and Dave will remain with me?” Heracoal asked. “As agreed” Johnny replied

“Give me Dave and I will Kill this man.” Heracoal demanded. At a nod from Johnny Dee both Dave and Kiefer were set free. Kiefer paused for a moment looking around in confusion before drawing his knives and lunging at Dave, scooping him up to use as a human shield and attempting to stab Heracoal in the process.
“And now we reach the part of the show where we all kill this monster” said Floki
Kiefer managed to get a blade to barely kiss one of Heracoals biceps. Floki came up behind him and tried to stab him but managed to put a thin red line on one of Dave’s forarms unleashing a torrent of tears and a loud wail from the Babearian that rapidly turned into a cry of fury as he started to kick and flail against his captor. Dave kicked Kiefer squarly in the groin causing him to drop to a knee in perfect time for heracoal to swing his club with all his might as though playing golf with an oversized ball… sure enough his head snapped back as his face shattered and he fell straight back limp and lifeless with Dave sitting on his chest still beating the pulp of a head with fists of rage splashing the remaining blood over everything nearby. when Dave finally calmed down, he was picked up by Heracoal and they boarded the boat with their new companions to head to their new home and the adventures that awaited them as members of the Castain tribe.


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