Finally Finding Dave

Search for the Babearian

Heracoal looked at the smeared mess and shrugged. " We need to find Dave" and walked away from the mess to continue onward. Meanwhile, Floki was laughing hard leaning against the wall for support before he realized he was about to be left behind and scampered after Heracoal quickly. After wandering through many more hallways and following the only tracks in the dust they come to a fork in the tunnels and find the footprints have appeared to go down both paths with certainty Heracoal points to the right path and charges ahead to find Dave. After about thirty feet Floki realized that these footprints are different than the previous ones being these were someone walking on the balls of their feet and the previous ones were someone who was lightly dragging their heels. upon tactfully pointing this out to Heracoal, Heracoal shrugged and charged back to the fork and took the left path this time. After another couple of hours of wandering they came to an area where the torches lighting the tunnel became more common and eventually the tunnel opened into a large chamber. All they could see from the hallway into the chamber was some of the expanse and a body of water ten feet from the entrance. Floki went back to grab a torch off the right wall only to find that it wouldn’t budge. he went to the torch on the left wall of the hall and it lifted free with ease… suddenly there was a rumbling from around them as the chamber started to shake and dust fell from the ceiling. Floki placed the torch back and the rumbling continued, so he proceeded to take the torch and walk towards the water looking around warily with the torch held high to try to pierce the darkness. From there he can see a small dock about fifty feet further around the body of water in the chamber, where one boat is docked and another looks to have been moored until recently. Looking to Heracoal Floki asked; “so, do we take a boat or kill a room? I am up for either but i prefer the first one.” Heracoal said :“take a boat.” and headed to the boat. After getting to the boat and Floki cutting the rope to free the boat, as the boat lurches forward at the release of the rope, Floki starts to fall in when Heracoal grabs his belt and gets him stablized in the boat as it heads towards what now sounds like a group of people preparing for a fight and the muffled noises that only Dave could make.


JackFrost907 JackFrost907

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